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Nowadays we have to take health to the next level to help stop the spread of viruses and pathogens, but as usual, there’s always something we forget about. In this article we will talk about those daily situations we seem to think are not as risky as others.
Although respiratory viruses spread when droplets containing them get into your body through your eyes, nose or throat, hands are also one of the most common ways that these viruses spread from one person to another. 
Of course the best way to protect ourselves is by washing our hands with soap and water, but we don’t always have access to this, and that’s why hand sanitizers have become one of our super heroes in these trying times.
Our hand sanitizers contain 70% alcohol, that’s why they are effective when soap and water are not available. This option is helpful protecting against the spread of germs and viruses when in public, crowded spaces.
  • After touching public things, such as money, computers, tables, etc
  • After blowing your nose, sneezing o coughing 
  • After touching an animal, animal feed or animal waste 
  • After handling garbage 
  • After putting your shoes on
Carrying the PPEBuddy single use sanitizer makes it easy to disinfect your hands in these situations. Apply a generous drop of hand sanitizer to the palm of your hands and rub it across both hands, front and back and fingertips and avoid touching  doorknobs, toilet flush handles, and faucets after this to protect your hands and fingers against germs. 
And don’t forget it is important to wash your hands as soon as possible when you do have access to hand washing facilities. 

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