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As you head back to work, make sure to protect yourselves, employees, and customers. We’ve designed new personal protection kits that can be tailored to your need. They include everything needed to ensure your customers, clients, employees, and students are safe. Stay ahead of your competitors by providing a personalized PPE kit.
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About PPE Buddy
Things happened.

Things happened. We learned not to take our health for granted. We learned that our actions have an impact far greater than we realize. We learned that staying healthy is not a solitary journey anymore. It’s about your family, friends, employees - it’s about all of us. It’s about taking responsible actions to keep us all safe. It’s about the little things that we do to help one another. At PPE Buddy, we make it easy for you to keep yourself safe. We want to help you stay protected. That’s why we created PPE kits that work for you, wherever you are. The beautiful part? You’re keeping the people around you safe, too.

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